Sound Design and Color Correction

27 Nov

After we finished four different parts of video separately, we met in Nick’s place and finalized the last editing together. We went over each other’s video clips again, and gave more suggestions to finalize the film. After each parts of the video is finalized and good, we combined all the clips into one video. April and Christine kept on working on the sound design, and Cheryl and Nick took charge of the color correction.

April was in charge of editing foley, sound effects and ambience, and Christine worked on adding diagetic background music, non-diagetic music and atmosphere. We applied five ideas from Audio-vision : sound on screen by Michel Chion into our video’s sound mix. First is the Active off-screen sound(Chion, 854), which at the beginning of the date scene, you hear “Testing, 1, 2, 3” while the screen is black then it leads you into what is happening during the scene. Second is the back voice(Chion, 92), which in the initial meeting scene, one is close and one is further away. The further away one has a different texture than the close one. Third is the territory sounds (Chion, 75), which are all of our real world sounds, such as street noises. Fourth is the textual speech (Chion,172), which Max is describing the ideal date scene. Fifth is the pit music (Choin, 80), which we have music going on throughout our film, that is not coming from the film world, but that we inserted instead.

Cheryl and Nick worked on the color correction together, and we also read some readings about color correction and watched tutorials to learn more skills to improve. We slightly did the color correction to make the film look more natural and better. We also tried to fix the problems of white balance and exposure in our video. Moreover, we added a special color effect into the ideal dating scene to differentiate this fantasy scenario.

After we finished the sound design and color correction, we imported the edited sound clip into the finalized video with color correction together. Our final short film of The Pickup Artist has done!


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